About Me

I have been learning to ride and handle horses since the age of six, after my mum bought me a riding lesson for Christmas. In that time I loaned a pony, called Tonka, who was the perfect pony. When Tonka passed away I continued to ride at a riding school and landed a job working weekends as a groom. I had great fun working and learning to ride at this stables, taking part in jump clinics, shows, gymkhanas and mounted games. My riding instructor owned a hafflinger pony, called Milly, who I began to loan as she no longer had the time to look after Milly herself. Milly was a typical mare! Very cheeky and she liked to try her luck whenever possible.

At the age of 14 I began to take part in all sorts of animal related work experience as I have always wanted to be a vet. Over the years I have completed 40 weeks of work experience including anything from farm work to working at Birdword for a week (in minus 7 degrees!).  I began to look at Vet Med courses and quickly realised what a challenge I had set myself. Although I could never imagine myself doing anything else at the time I decided to look for alternative options and stumbled across Veterinary Physiotherapy. I decided to gain some experience here too and spent a week at Burnside Rehabilitation Centre, which I absolutely loved. So having decided not to apply for Vet Med, I applied to Writtle University College and here I am on my vet physio adventure, and loving it so far!

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